Black and Pink LimitLess 10OZ Glove

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The LimitLess Black and Pink LimitLess 10oz glove Boxing/Muay Thai Glove is perfect for serious training that hit hard and need good all round protection for bag work, sparring and pad work. Solid Endura 35 construction, hook and loop closure, thumb catch to stop injury with a beautiful rounded design, making slipping through the smallest gaps possible.   Premium quality at an affordable price.

  •  Advanced hand fit.
  •  Engineered for superior protection for your sparring & injury prevention
  •  Designed with an intricate, turned in, injected thumb support padding to lower the risk of injury
  •  Built with a heavy-duty, full wrap, 3inch hook and loop wrist support
  •  Endura 35 casing with pillow palms allowing for a perfectly closed fist.