Red and White Comp Glove

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Perfect for fight day... These leather gloves meet and exceed requirements for fight day, True to weight glove that is built for comfort and precision works well for training, sparring and competition.

Classic style with modern usability, leather outer shell to give you a high quality long lasting glove for competiition, sparring bag, pad work and pad work .

We guarantee an anatomically designed glove that will make every workout the best youve done. In addition, the wrist support will help prevent injuries by preventing your hand from bending and damaging. The handmade leather strap with hook and loop closure provides a firm and faster glove fit. The Velcro training gloves are ideal to provide the best protection and comfort when training.


  • Hand made
  • Designed with the finest craftsmanship and highest quality material available.
  • Manufactured under a strict quality control.
  • The long-lasting latex foam padding gives your knuckles the support they need and a great effect in every punch.
  • The water repellent linings prevent moisture from entering the padding and keeps the glove weight constant.
  • The attached thumb prevents eye injuries and keeps the thumb from being broken or sprained while training.